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Maximizing e-commerce returns begins with building unforgettable personalized shopping experiences with ultra high conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and repeat purchases. Building high-ROI e-commerce portfolios requires doing this at scale. At BASE, we leverage our long history of real-world e-commerce expertise by using powerful proprietary software–powered by recent advances in AI–to scale and optimize our DTC e-commerce portfolios.

Our acquisition targets are typically small enough to fly under the radar of traditional PE firms, are valued at lower than average multiples, share materially significant synergies with other portfolio targets, and can uniquely benefit from our marketing and operational strategies and technology. By avoiding reckless debt, and instead focusing on building, optimizing, and scaling the brands in these portfolios using our expertise and technology, BASE rapidly increases top line, margins, and valuation multiples. The result is low risk, high return portfolios for e-commerce investors.


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Travis Levell

E-commerce expert with 16 years DTC marketing experience and two previous exists whose strategies have driven over $300M in E-commerce sales for various brands. Founded VC and accelerators, drove marketing for hundreds of brands, extensive supply chain experience living in China working directly with factories.

Rhod Needham

Experienced entrepreneur, investor and business growth specialist. Founded and scaled a number of global businesses across retail, manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce. Founder, Halo Impact venture builder and accelerator. Venture partner at a series B+ growth venture climate fund, and a mentor at two global accelerator programs.

Carter Laren

Serial entrepreneur and engineer with 25+ years of experience building highly complex hardware and software systems. Exits: BD+ Blu-ray security ($70M), Cryptography Research ($350M). Founder, Gateway venture capital fund. Board member and advisor to multiple tech and e-commerce companies.

BASE is the exclusive partner of Cambrian Automata.